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Social Media Dying: Commercialization will turn people off

Social Media Dying: Commercialization will turn people off

With all the news about social networking sites’ ever-increasing popularity, for example the fact that Facebook has just received its 500 millionth subscriber, it would be easy to assume that social media will also grow even more in popularity, but is that assumption correct?

Many in the know are beginning to suggest that social media may in fact be on the way out, and web consultancy firms are warning that commercialization is actually beginning to put people off social media. An article by Mark Rechtin over on Automotive News makes the very important distinction between social media and social media and it may well have a point.

It seems that whereas social media was once mainly for networking and keeping in touch with friends, it’s increasingly used now for business and marketing purposes and that will surely change the way people view it. Most of the information we’ve looked at lately about the rise of social media seems to see it as a cash-cow and doesn’t doubt its uses, urging more and more businesses to get on board. However rather refreshingly Mark Rechtin is advising people not to throw too much weight into social media and feels the media of print and TV is still more useful.

The problem as he sees it, seems to be the intrusion of companies gaining personal details from people through social media, lots of us just don’t like it. The influx of spam, user agreements and a lack of trust are all reasons deterring people from getting more involved with social media now as the whole face of social media appears to be changing. Rechtin is not advocating that people stop using social media altogether, just reminding us that TV and print still have a major part to play.

For more on this go to Do you agree with Rechtin’s views, or do you think social media will continue to rise and have even more prominence? We’d be interested to hear your views on this so why not send us your comments.

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