iPhone 4 Cases: Incase and Speck Range

iPhone 4 Cases: Incase and Speck Range

Now that we know an iPhone 4 bumper or case will help us maintain a full signal when holding the latest Apple handset, it is no wonder that these products are in such high demand. Two of the most anticipated cases are the Incase and Speck Range.

While visiting the Incase website we were met by the message that the iPhone 4 case would be available by the end of the month – maybe they are stock piling like Apple is with the bumper. Incase will not just have one case up for offer, they will have a complete range, which you can see by visiting their official website.

For those of you who are in need of a case now, then there is a huge choice in the Speck range. Looking we can see that there are five cases in the range, these include: GeoMetric, PixelSkin HD, Fitted, PixelSkin and CandyShell.

If I had to choose from the five I would have to go with the Speck Fitted range, as there are eight different color variations to choose from. The price to achieve this tailored look for your iPhone 4 is just $29.95. For more details visit the Speck website.

What case you have on your iPhone 4?