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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on The Simpsons: Plot

[ 0 ] July 23, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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It seems that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO is the man of the moment right now. There’s been all the news about the upcoming film about the rise of Facebook, “The Social Network,” and then he was also interviewed by Diane Sawyer. Now it seems he’s out to test his acting credentials with a coveted role in The Simpsons.

An article by Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable says how Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the news to them via Facebook and that he will be in a season 22 episode. New York Magazine’s Vulture Report tells how the episode will be titled “Loan-A-Lisa” and Zuckerberg will be playing Lisa’s entrepreneurial role model.

In fact Zuckerberg has already taped his voice-role although details of the episode are rather sketchy. For example IMDb has not yet confirmed an episode called “Loan-A-Lisa” and Zuckerberg’s IMDb profile has not been changed yet. The Simpsons has seen a lot of major stars in its lineup but even though Mark Zuckerberg is not in movies, the music world, or even a particularly well-known face, a social network boasting 500 million plus members kind of guarantees him celebrity status now.

For more on this go to mashable. What other guest appearances would you like to see being made by Zuckerberg? We’d be interested to hear your ideas about this so why not send us in a comment.

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