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Facebook Revised User Homepage: Your Opinion?

July 23, 2021 | Peter Chubb


Facebook Revised User Homepage: Your Opinion?

In a constant bid to try and improve its website, Facebook has now made a change to the users homepage. When you now log in you will notice that the “Most Recent” has been removed, and in its place is a “More Stories” option. The latter allowed users to sort news by the most recent that had come in.

Jennifer Van Grove from Mashable said that a reader explained how he was annoyed that the “Most Recent” filter had disappeared and this is not just an isolated case. It certainly seems that this latest revision to a users homepage has not gone down well.

Angry Facebook users have been expressing their frustration saying that the new “MORE STORIES sucks, all they want is to have their old news back. The complaints have now started to buildup on the Facebook page that was set up to gain feedback from users.

Jennifer states that the consensus is clear and that Facebook should give the users what they want, and that is to have “Most Recent” back. We know that the social network is all for improvement, but when your users agree that a recent change is rubbish – its time to admit defeat and revert back to the old way.

What is your opinion of the new change?

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