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Latest Facebook Scam Compared to Previous

Latest Facebook Scam Compared to Previous

There’s a new Facebook scam on the loose that users should beware of. A warning has been issued by Sophos about the viral scam which pretends to be about a photograph of a baby boy taken by his mother and contains a link, which people think is to the photograph and actually takes them to an online survey.

The scam has been dubbed, “OMG mother went to jail,” and messages on Facebook users’ pages read, “Guys, you have to see this: This mother went to jail for taking this pic of her son!” according to Help Net Security. The scam then proceeds to trick users to “liking” the page and fooling them to share the link on their wall.

When attempting to see the image a fake security check appears asking people to take part in a survey. Because they’ve directed traffic to the online survey where personal information is gathered, scammers make money. It’s all very similar to a previous scam dubbed, “Never Gonna Drink Coca-Cola Again,” which also encouraged people to share the link on their Facebook wall.

Senior technology consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley, said, “”Criminals these days don’t need to spam out their scams - they can rely on the public to spread them for them.” For more on this go to Have you been duped by this latest scam, or a previous scam maybe? We’d be interested to hear your comments on this.

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