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How can 4chan be family oriented?

July 22, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

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Today Good Morning America has spoken about Jessi Slaighter, YouTube, 4chan, and the Internet wants to know if 4chan is family oriented. Those that do not know much about 4chan, can find out more via the official website or Wikipedia.

In it’s simplest form, 4chan is an “image-based bulletin board”, which according to most Twitter users is far from “Family Oriented”. You only have to look at some of the breaking news over the last 12-months, which involved 4chan, and you see a lot of it draws a negative reaction.

We have seen 4chan vs. Twitter, 4chan vs. Gawker, ‎ 4chan vs. AT&T, it seems 4chan has been against the social web for some time. What’s your take on 4chan, and it’s place on Today’s Internet?


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  1. stephen says:

    The 4chan community has done this before, they are the reason that this topic is trending on Google. Somehow or another they coordinate a mass 'Google search' for some absurd search term to make it trend, and then the media has a knee jerk reaction and starts posting stories about it. Justin Beiber seemed to be a big target a few weeks ago. I

  2. David says:

    I do not approve of 4chan /story

    Now, can I haz cheeseburger?

  3. lulsypoo says:

    All this hate..I’m against cyber bullying..why are you saying mean things about others..I find that hatefull..It is ebaums that does these pranks and stuff. just back trace there forum you will see what I mean.

  4. Kitten Mittens says:

    I cant belief people are saying these thins about 4 chan. All there are is pix of stuff liek kittys. Their must bee a mustake.

  5. blackup says:

    4chan has always been about family. Its sad that ebaums world spreads such hatred.

    4chan is the jessi slaughter of imageboards. Just the victim!

  6. David says:

    1) most ppl on 4chan don't have the knowledge or guts to actually do something irl.
    2) most of the things 4chan gets blamed for are done by Ebaumsworld. $channers are mostly incompetent.
    3) The girl got what she asked for. And I'm not talking about the bullying part. That will cease in maybe a week. What will haunt her for the rest of her life are the TV shows and news that brought the story to lots of ppl who would never had come across it and it shows that she's a bratty, arrogant attention whore /terminus technicus, not a swear word in this context/ Just search a bit around the net and you'll find out that she actually threatened to shoot people because of not liking her… Now what is worse?

  7. Cuddlefan1985 says:

    It's a disgrace that peoples opinions are so easy manipulated, Ebaumsworld is using 4chan as a scapegoat, pure and simple! They are just blaming everyone of their sick pranks on a site no one notices just to not tarnish their golden reputation. Please, try to do your research before posting such slanderous articles in future.

  8. Malone Cock says:

    it was ebaumsworld that did it not 4chan.

  9. Cheezburger says:

    Oh, so taunting somebody anonymously is "extreme bullying" now. Jessi Slaughter is NO DIFFERENT from the people trolling her, except for her age. She, and everyone like her, needs to gtfo the internet.

  10. Caturday says:

    Hey guise. 4chan is just a hang out for youths. Did you know youths today are VERY tech savvy?
    Imagine what would happen if you irked 6,000,000 web trolls… Don't. Just don't.

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