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Droid X Apps on Android: Top 12

July 22, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Droid X Apps on Android: Top 12

The hottest smartphone on the market is the iPhone 4, but after that has to be the Motorola Droid X – the latest handset to run Android OS. What makes both these handsets so special is their apps – yes Apple has the monopoly on that market, but Android is catching up at an alarming rate.

JR Raphael from PC World thought that he would dig a little deeper and offer us his choice of 12 of the top apps for the Droid X. Although we are certain that you might have picked one or two different ones – lets see what you think?

Google Goggles has to be a must with any Android handset, this app is free to download and offers you information on an object that you point your phones camera at. The app will scan the image and then search the Internet for the information about the product.

The second is ShopSavvy, with many users including Raphael believing that this has to be one of the tops apps on Android Market. You just scan the barcode with your Droid X and the application will then do some searching and find a comparison of prices for you to choose the best result for you.

One of the most important apps you will ever install has to be WaveSecure, as this will allow you to find your Motorola Droid X if it goes missing. This can be done by accessing WaveSecure’s Web site and activate the GPS on your handset so you can find its location.

These are just three of the best apps for the Droid X, read JR Raphael’s article via the link above for the complete list of top 12 apps.

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  1. swaney3 says:

    where is the rest of the fricking story?

  2. xracerx says:

    It's here - - but they should have hyperlinked "his choice of 12". Bad web publishing.

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