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China Oil Spill 2010: Dalian Photos and Twitter

July 22, 2021 | Peter Chubb

Six days have now past since the China oil spill begun, and it shows that this kind of disaster is not specific to the U.S. Two pipes carrying oil in Dalian exploded and caused mayhem, which you will be able to see in the 29 photos posted on

Since this happened there has been an outcry on the Internet and Twitter about our dependency on oil, but we are all guilty in a way. It is not just our cars that require oil, most of our everyday items are also made from oil – so what chance do we have?

The flames have been seen shooting hundreds of feet in the air, and you can see by the photos how much devastation this has caused. It is not certain how much oil has been spilled, but we know that the cleanup will take some time.

People have been going on Twitter to share with other users what they think of this latest oil spill, I have even spotted Alyssa_Milano having her say, and it comes as no surprise that Greenpeace has been sharing their thoughts as well.

Do you think that we should now be less dependent on oil?

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