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Ben and Jerry’s new social media campaign

July 21, 2021 | Maddy Rowe


Ben and Jerry’s new social media campaign

Online social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be used for various purposes and for a company it can prove to be an effective tool when driving their business forward. Ben and Jerry’s have become the newest edition to this. Recently, Ben and Jerry’s dropped their already existing email marketing programme in the UK with the idea of using these sites to make their product more known.

According to Paul Bates at UTALKMARKETING.COM, reaching out to both traditional online channels and exploring up and coming new ones will give your company a head start against your competitors. This requires an expertise and an understanding of how to use these channels appropriately whether they are new or old. Today, people think of social media as a new idea but actually when looked into, this is not the case. Take the use of the email system, this in itself is a relatively old idea, along with word of mouth and viral marketing. Nowadays, companies would get the best out of there marketing by using both email and social media together.

In the case of Ben and Jerry’s now doubting the future of email they may need to look into new marketing avenues. A recent prediction from Matt Cain of Gartner, claimed that “by 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20 percent of business users.”

What are your thoughts on social networking sites as a way of companies marketing their brands? To read more about this check out the link above.

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  1. HO says:

    We have been musing on this story as well on our blog. Wanted to look at options to meld social media and email marketing. Would appreciate your take on our thinking. Please drop by at We posted this piece today.

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