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Social Media Marketing ROI: Four perspectives

July 20, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Social Media Marketing ROI: Four perspectives

There are those in business who have tried what little they know with the likes of Twitter and Facebook to make an impression on social media marketing. However, after a number of failed attempts to get their brand out there, they believe that it is all a waste of time, but Mike Melanson from RWW believes that it is not all about trying to offer coupons on Twitter.

Melanson has learned from a recent Forrester report that those who are failing their social marketing campaign are not looking at the larger picture – instead just thinking of those dollar signs. They advice that do not give up and face facts that they have been doing it wrong.

For some, creating a social media marketing campaign that produces a great return on investment know how easy it is, but there are those who just seem to struggle – no matter what they try. Trying to get your name out there by trying to increase your Facebook fans or by getting a load of retweets will not help pay the bills at the end of the month, but do not count them out altogether.

They will in time give users brand awareness, but that is the long-term strategy. Augie Ray who writes on Forrester’s blog explains that there are four perspectives for your ROI, these are as follows; financial, digital, brand and risk management. To get a greater understanding of these visit the link above.

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