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Repairing the Facebook Image: Mark Zuckerberg interview

Repairing the Facebook Image: Mark Zuckerberg interview

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is due to take part in an interview on Wednesday with ABC News interviewer Diane Sawyer, in what will be Zuckerberg’s most high-profile interview since 2008. In 2008, saw Zuckerberg put under the spotlight by Sawyer with some awkward and at times difficult questions.

According to Ben Parr at Mashable, Zuckerberg does not like to take part in many public interviews, but it is hoped on Wednesday, it will give the CEO the chance to announce to the public, how one of the largest social networking sites has managed to pull in figures of 500 million users. Zuckerberg will be able to give his thoughts surrounding this year’s movie which has seen him face huge criticism from 3 Harvard fellow students who have accused him of taking their idea to form a networking site. Along with this, Zuckerberg has been amidst a sea of criticism surrounding the Facebook privacy settings.

The interview which is to be held at Facebook headquarters will see Sawyer at times, asking what could be potentially awkward questions. Will Zuckerberg be able to answer them in a clear and concise manner or will he wilt under the pressure? This interview will give Zuckerberg the perfect chance to put himself over in a positive light and give us the opportunity to see the real likeable Zuckerberg. By portraying all the positive aspects of Facebook such as the reconnection of families and friends should put him in good stead.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you been following Zuckerberg in past interviews? To read more about this check out the link above.

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