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Social Media Marketing: 7 reasons putting you off

Social Media Marketing: 7 reasons putting you off

We’ve all heard of the rise of social media and how useful social media marketing can be. Evidence clearly shows that the benefits of having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other networks can be really advantageous for business. However it appears that despite this there is still reluctance from some businesses to get involved.

Apparently there’s a marked lack of small to mid-sized businesses choosing not to hop on board the social media marketing bandwagon and an interesting article over on Econsultancy by Matt Owen, looks into why this might be. He’s come up with 7 issues that businesses face when deciding whether to adopt a social media presence.

No. 1 on the list is I don’t trust staff with my message. The article points out that to have success in the online social sphere, companies really have to trust their staff but many CEO’s haven’t quite managed this. A good point to be made is that if staff were to say anything negative about the company, then maybe those issues should be addressed anyway.

Other issues among the 7 are not having the resources, being a distraction, being difficult to track ROI, being too diverse, security risks and ultimately having nothing to say. The article looks in depth into each of these issues offering some good pointers and advice on each. To read the full article go to Are you part of a small to mid-sized business that is opting out of using social media marketing? Maybe this article could change your mind. We’d be interested to hear your comments about this.

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  1. Giuseppe says:

    Some really valid points here that draw on Matt’s findings, I think another reason businesses don’t bother is becuase of the sheer amounts of people and business jumping on board, trying to make a quick buck.

    Most fail to understand that’s all networks are communities and you get out what you put in. Any small business that realises this will reap the benefits and build lifelong followers providing they maintain that relationship.

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