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Facebook: Privacy and profitability concerns

Facebook: Privacy and profitability concerns

Online social media giants Facebook have experienced both positive and negative feedback during the 6 year period that it has been available to users. Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook, has enjoyed watching the site grow in user numbers outdoing it’s competitors such as MySpace and Bebo, which has taken Facebook user numbers in the region of 500 million users.

According to it looks like Facebook will be making a profit which is pleasing news to Zuckerberg, he has been quoted as saying that “it was only a matter of time before it hit it’s 1 billionth user”.

Along with the up’s there are the downs! As most of you may be aware, Facebook has had it’s own fair share of the spotlight, what with its issues concerning `privacy settings’. It was accused of allowing people’s data to be freely available to everyone therefore giving personal information online to just about anyone including advertisers. Recently, Zuckerberg looked at this issue and modified the site’s settings.

With the issue of privacy now being looked into, Zuckerberg now needs to concentrate on the pending lawsuit which saw Facebook paying out $65 million last year to 3 of Zuckerberg’s former classmates, who have accused him of stealing the idea to form a networking site. With most of it’s profit being driven by sold advertising space on users pages and Facebook’s shareholders including Microsoft and Digital Sky Technologies, profitability could be a major worry.

As a user of Facebook, give us your suggestions of how to tighten up the existing privacy settings? To read more about this check out

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  1. HELP PLEASE says:

    Facebook has been currently blocking thousands of users for adding people that have been suggesting to us as friends as well as adding family members, and people that we do indeed know. They have also been warning and blocking people for accepting friend requests as well. This is done by an automated system devised by Caroline Ghiossi from user operations as an anti-spam tool that supposedly detects the speed and frequency to which you add and accept requests regardless of who those people are. It doesn't tell you when the block is lifted nor do they tell you the limit to which you can add or accept friend requests. Here is the facebook page that addresses this issue. It is now at 3,000 and growing.!/pages/Stop-bl…
    Facebook has refused to address this problem and we need somebody to have them answer for it!!!

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