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Business Social Media: How to take advantage

July 19, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Business Social Media: How to take advantage

There’s an interesting distinction to be made between using social media in a personal way or in a business way and it’s an interesting thought that many people using it for marketing purposes in business, may be erring too much towards the personal slant and therefore not profiting from it in the way it could.

An interesting article by Jeffrey Gitomer over on The Augusta Chronicle focuses on how maybe your Facebook page may contain family picnic photos, comments from friends, and altogether too much personal stuff, rather than the business side of things. The article suggests you take a reality check on how you use social media marketing for your business and how to improve things.

The obvious starting point is to begin a Facebook page purely for your business. Customers can “like” the page, pass on the message, communicate their thoughts to you and create a conducive experience both ways. You will then start to create a following which will escalate nicely, all the time promoting your business.

However there is a note of caution and that is that if you initiate a business Facebook page, it is imperative that you keep up interest by making regular postings and updates. Leaving it to become stagnant by only posting occasionally is almost worse than nothing at all. The article also looks into how the use of Twitter to push out the message about your business can reap dividends. For example the author of the article posted 180 tweets in his first year on Twitter and gained 15,000 followers.

For full article and more information go to We also recently posted an article about how some businesses are reluctant to take up social media marketing which you can read here. Has your business plunged into social media marketing yet, and if not why not? We’d be interested to receive your comments on this.

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