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Twitter Ban for Coronation Street Cast Members

July 18, 2021 | Matt Tran
Twitter Ban for Coronation Street Cast Members

The cast of Coronation Street have been told to stop Tweeting about the show, due to fears that the plots of future episodes will be leaked. It has already been revealed that some major characters will be killed off in a tram disaster this December. The massive leak is being blamed on a Tweet from one of the cast members.

A two page letter has been issued to all of the actors and actresses from the show, about publishing information about the show and their working lives. Follow the link to to find out what the letter said and the cast members which have been using Twitter.

The producers of ITV have taken this matter very seriously and have stated that anyone caught Tweeting anything embarrassing or revealing spoilers in the show, will find themselves in very hot water from now on. Apparently a cast member Tweeted that they may get a hotel upgrade due to their celebrity status. Do you think the cast should be banned from Tweeting about their lives and work? Give us your opinions.

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