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Droid X Sold Out: New shipping date

Droid X Sold Out: New shipping date

As you may know the latest must-have Android smartphone, the Motorola Droid X was released only 3 days ago, July 15, but it seems that Verizon has already sold out online, and also at most retail stores. Only days before its release we told how Verizon had said they had plenty of stock for the release (see here), but it seems it must have underestimated the demand.

We also said that the fact that both the Evo 4G and HTC Droid Incredible were still suffering from supply problems would obviously benefit Droid X sales, and it seems this was so, but to the extent that it now also suffers from the same shortages. An article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, sourced from Android Central, says that Verizon has confirmed the shortages directly to Android Central.

Although Verizon was glad it had enough stocks to supply the early demand it says supplies are now either “low or out.” Online orders yesterday quoted a ten day delay so it should be available again around July 27, hopefully.

For more on this go to Did you manage to get a Droid X straight away, or are you one of the many who will now have to wait? We’d be interested to hear your experiences about obtaining a Droid X so why not let us have your comments.

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  1. Justin W says:

    Ordered mine Friday after 4pm, had the 7/27 "ship by date" at the time. :-(

  2. guestwhohatesiphone says:

    if you're waiting for the droid X until the 27th then just get the incredible.. it's better anyways… and it just got an update.

  3. Ryan says:

    Ordered mine @11 PM (Mountain Time) on 7/14… Got it on Friday.

  4. janse says:

    i ordered mine saturday after 4pm and was given a 7/23 ship date

  5. Alex says:

    I was out of the country and ordered mine as soon as it went on sale online. Was without internet for a few days and checked again yesterday only to find out that my order had been cancelled. Had to reorder it. FML

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