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What Is Foursquare To Non-Profits?

[ 0 ] July 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Foursquare, the Social Media tool for the web and the mobile device, enables users to connect to their friends and gives the option to explore their cities, earn points and unlock new badges. Articles have been published in relation to how Foursquare is now benefiting from non-profit organisations, and how it can potentially emphasize their accounts.

According to Geoff Livingston at Mashable, Co-Founder of Foursquare Naveen Selvaduari has commented that “Non-profits are about awareness, they want to get as many people to understand what they are doing”. He further went on to say, “Foursquare is a great platform for that and bringing people together, and how this will make it easier for them to understand”.

Location based non-profits on Foursquare have the ability to offer incentives and loyalty schemes to it’s users, as well as a set base for organisations like hospitals and small advocacy groups who can use Foursquare to its advantage. The Foursquare account gives users to ability to become willing volunteers and donors. Another benefit to this system is by way of using API’s. With the help of developers and the creating of new ways of checking-in, allowing data mining and unique application creation, gives an insight into the volume of foot-traffic at a location.

What are your comments on Foursquare and Non-Profits? To read more about this check out Mashable

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