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Social Media Marketing: Old Spice Strategy

Social Media Marketing: Old Spice Strategy

Social Media Marketing has at times had good and bad campaigns, but recently through a viral interactive YouTube advertising campaign, `Old Spice’ is hoping to change all of this. At times, it seems that Social Media Marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a good tool for showing the world something that can go drastically wrong, whether it is a company or a person.

According to Stephen at IMPACTMEDIA, an example of this, was the Groupola iPhone incident last week. Following a major site-wide crash during the promotion based around Twitter and Facebook, left the company having to answer to widespread criticism.

Old Spice using Social Media Marketing, has earn’t them over 575,000 fans on their Facebook page so far, and they are hoping that Twitter will follow suit. The simple but yet to the point advertisement shows a towel wearing Old Spice Man moving from one page setting to another. Fans have been able to ask questions and talk to him through the various channels. Case studies based on building a success, have shown that online sites such as the ones already stated, have proved to be great way of promoting people or product brands to the public. Using a viral interactive campaign with an online site has proved to be very successful for fragrance giants Old Spice.

What are your thoughts on this story, have you seen the current advertisement? To read more about this check out IMPACTMEDIA.

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  1. Bob Vegas says:

    This old spice campaign is the model that all big brands need to measure their social media campaigns by. This was funny and relevant to the brand.

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