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iPad Update: iOS v3.2.1 WiFi reception improvements

iPad Update: iOS v3.2.1 WiFi reception improvements

There’s a new software update for the iPad which it’s said will improve the wireless performance of this must-have device. After its launch, although it didn’t seem to affect its popularity, some people had concerns over the poor WiFi reception.

Now after all the troubles with the recent iPhone 4 and its reception problems, Apple looks as though it’s taken the situation on board and addressed the issue at last with the new software update. The device will now receive iOS v3.2.1, according to Lawrence Latif over on The Inquirer who has written an amusing and informative piece. This is nothing to do with the issue but I love the description of Apple as a ‘fruit themed toymaker’.

Another plus for some people is that they will now be able to use the Microsoft Bing search engine so it does appear that Apple is making efforts to please its loyal consumers. However the article also points out Apple’s insistence on trying to fix hardware issues with a software update.

For more on this go to We’d be really interested to hear how you get on with the new software update for the iPad and whether you notice a credible difference to the WiFi performance so why not let us have your comments?

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  1. Darkwaz says:

    Still messed up

  2. Carol V says:

    No problems from the beginning with my iPad. The WiFi has always worked well. It is great with my home Wireless G and on other sites when I take the iPad away from home. I believe Wireless N may have been a problem with routers of that configuration. Bing works perfectly and quickly with the new update.

  3. filecat13 says:

    My WiFi reception has been flawless from the get go, and I got mine through per-order on day one. It works everywhere I take it, and I’ve never had any connection issues, unless of course I didn’t have the local password. I wish they could write a patch for that, ha ha.

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