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Hugo Chavez Twitter and Venezuela Revolutionary

Hugo Chavez Twitter and Venezuela Revolutionary

Some time ago we brought you an article regarding Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and how although at one time he clearly had something against social networking sites, calling Twitter “a tool of terror” for instance, he had now changed his mind and had his own Twitter page and blog.

It seems that although it’s only a few weeks since he got into Twitter, it has now become a huge part of Hugo Chavez’s life issuing regular tweets to his followers who already number over 600,000. Now he has spoken on Twitter about the effects on him of the recent exhumation of the former military leader Simon Bolivar.

An article by Gustavo Valdes over on CNN tells how Simon Bolivar died in 1830 at the early age of 46 and the cause of death was apparently tuberculosis. However Hugo Chavez has long looked upon Bolivar as a hero and ordered the exhumation of Bolivar’s body to establish whether or not in fact he had been murdered. Chavez has referred to Bolivar as “the father of the revolution” and wants people to not think of Bolivar as dead but rather as a “sacred fire.”

Bolivar’s skeleton was apparently revealed on a table by scientists while Chavez sang the national anthem. Chavez said on Twitter that he wept as he saw Bolivar’s remains for the first time. This event has obviously had a major impact on him and the fact he chose to reveal his emotions on Twitter shows that Chavez has obviously realized its value in communicating with his people. For more on this go to What do you think of Chavez’s blog? We’d be interested to receive your comments on this.

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