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Social Marketing: Moneymaker or hype?


People may start to get excited when they start getting more followers on Twitter or more fans on Facebook, but what does it really mean. Yes, it may well be great for your ego, but what is it doing for your bank balance. Is social media a money-maker, or is it just hype?

Well according to a report by Rhonda Abrams at, Sheila Dukas-Janakos – owner of Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Center in California – is definitely a believer. She now gets around 15% of her business, through social networking activities – such as having a Facebook page.

In the meantime, her Yellow Pages business has dried up completely. “It’s been a way for moms to ask us questions…We put up new products once a week, specials, classes. That draws people in,” she said, adding that people have come to them from all over the US.

With stories such as Sheila’s, you can understand why the world of social media is all the rage amongst small businesses. Instead of paying money to run ads for you business, why not just send the odd tweet or put up a Facebook post every now and again and watch the money come in.

It may be because it’s not that easy. Others have been putting in a lot more effort and time into social media marketing, and not getting any bottom-line results. There are millions of people who quit Twitter, and a lot of them are the owners of small businesses.

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  1. sascha says:

    The reason why one wins in social media and one loses is quite simple: It’s all about the perfect marketing-mix - and that doesn’t mean only communication! Finding and meeting the customers or prospect needs in terms of product, service and price is the REAL challenge. Sounds simple, but in the past years we were used to let communication doing the usp/differentiation job…

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