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Gay and Lesbians: Prolific users of social networking sites

Gay and Lesbians: Prolific users of social networking sites

According to a US market research story, gay and lesbian adults are among the country’s biggest users of social networking sites and blogs. is reporting a study done by Harris Interactive which says that gay men and lesbians visit blogs more frequently than heterosexuals. The survey also found out that 35% of lesbian and gay male adults visit blogs which are specifically tailored for gay and lesbian news and interests. 19% said they visited those blogs daily and 53% said they checked out the blog on a weekly basis.

32% of gay and lesbian adults are users of MySpace, whilst only 22% of heterosexuals use the service. 73% of gay and lesbian adults say that they are members of Facebook, compared to 65% of heterosexuals. Finally, more gay and lesbian adults use Twitter and LinkedIn than heterosexuals.

Michael Rogers, who is a veteran gay blogger and media activist, said that these results mirror his experience. He said that “gay men and lesbians have tremendous need and appetite for authentic gay news and information”. This could mean that the regular news networks do not cover gay and lesbian issues or topics that interest that audience, so that they go to the internet for their fill instead.

For full results of the survey and the full quote by Michael Rogers, check out the full article over on Do you think that your sexuality makes a difference to your social network or blog usage? Let us know in the comments.

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