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Apple iPhone 4: Top five priorities for Steve Jobs

July 14, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes


Apple iPhone 4: Top five priorities for Steve Jobs

Apple is having a tough time at the moment due to the iPhone 4’s antenna reception problem. Customers aren’t happy and earlier this week, Consumer Reports declined to recommend the iPhone 4 to customers because of the phone’s antenna design flaw.

Ben Parr over at Mashable has an article about what actions Apple needs to do to stop the problems they are currently experiencing. His first suggestion is that the company owns up to the problem. Apple knows the problem, we know the problem and the solution is just to come out and say that, yes there is a problem, and here is how we’re going to fix it.

Secondly, Apple needs to tell people what exactly the problem is and how they missed the problem during testing. They also need to roll out the promised software update, which is supposed to fix the problem. Fourthly the $30 bumpers need to be given away for free. They help with the antenna issue, and giving them out as a goodwill gesture will please consumers and make the problem a little less severe.

Finally, don’t issue a recall. The article points out that recalls are for when the product is a danger to the consumer, such as a laptop exploding into flames in your lap, rather than for a design fault. With Apple already producing as many iPhones as possible, it would take weeks to get everyone a new iPhone and would leave consumers in a situation where they have to lose their phone, or keep a defective one.

Read the full article over at Mashable. Do you have an iPhone 4? Are you experiencing signal problems? Let us know in the comments.

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