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Sony PS3 Firmware Upgrade: 3D YouTube and Blu-ray

Sony PS3 Firmware Upgrade: 3D YouTube and Blu-ray

There’s great news today for those that enjoy 3D gaming and videos as it has been announced that Sony will be adding 3D Blu-ray support in a firmware upgrade to the PlayStation 3, later this year. Your PS3 will then also be able to support 3D YouTube, coming in the next year.

The firmware upgrade is expected in September, according to Samuel Axon over on Mashable, sourced from Joystiq. It was European Sony Executive, Mike Hocking, who made the announcement and CVG report that he said the PS3 already has the hardware necessary to support 3D gaming and video because of its compatibility with the HDMI 1.4 connection.

The console will be able to adjust to support nearly all new 3D technologies using firmware or software updates. It seems that Sony is getting in early on the 3D wave that’s coming as market research shows that 3D TV’s will become more and more common in living rooms. However as yet Microsoft has not jumped on the 3D bandwagon with its Xbox console, although the handheld Nintendo 3DS can show 3D imagery.

For more on this go to Do you think it’s a smart move from Sony to get in on the upcoming popularity of 3D from the start, or maybe you wonder if it will ever really become as popular as market researchers feel? We’d be interested to receive your comments on this.

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  1. stuart says:

    3D dosent interest me

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