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President Obama Faking Twitter followers?

President Obama Faking Twitter followers?

Could it be that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is faking the number of followers on Twitter…surely not?? Well that is if we want to believe the Australian researchers who have accused him of possibly faking the numbers.

According to a report by Daniel Stone at, as of recently, President Obama has just over 4.5 million followers on the popular microblogging website, who hang on his every tweet. But the researchers claim he is artificially increasing his popularity.

If you ask for what reason, they don’t actually say. But some say it makes sense. If anyone says that Obama has lost his mojo, his executive staffers have always been able to reply with: “Well, have you seen how many followers we’ve got on Twitter?”

But Obama doesn’t appear to be the only one that has had the finger pointed at them for faking numbers. The researchers have also accused British Prime Minister David Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Britney Spears and even Justin Bieber of the same.

What do you think of these accusations?

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