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Gowalla vs. Foursquare: Same Potential User Base

Gowalla vs. Foursquare: Same Potential User Base

You will probably have heard of both Gowalla and FourSquare, both location-based networks. The whole location-based phenomena is growing in popularity but why then is the gap widening between Gowalla and Foursquare?

An article by Mike Carlucci over on The Next Web, tells us that users of Foursquare have now gone past the 2 million mark, whereas for Gowalla there are only around 340,000. This anomaly seems strange considering both sites have the same potential user base. Foursquare can count Bravo TV and the History Channel among its partners, whereas Gowalla’s partners include USA Today and the National Geographic.

Gowalla has also performed better on the ‘special offers’ front with prizes on offer from Apple, The New Jersey Nets and Eye-Fi, real prizes of substance. Foursquare’s offers meanwhile, have been much less impressive, so it does seem odd that it’s gone so far ahead in the game. Maybe one of the differences is location verification. Gowalla very much sticks to the rules on this, whereas it’s quite easy to cheat the system on Foursquare.

To find out more about other reasons why Gowalla may be falling behind go to Are you a Gowalla or a Foursquare fan and if you favour one over the either why is that? We’d be interested to hear your views on this.

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