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Google Social Gaming Platform with Zynga

Google Social Gaming Platform with Zynga

For some time now there’s been talk of Google getting into the world of social networking and it’s looking more and more likely after news that the search engine giant is investing heavily in Zynga, the social gaming company. It does appear that Google seriously wants to be in on gaming, particularly social gaming.

An article by Lucian Parfeni on Softpedia says that Techcrunch has cited several sources saying the Google investment is between $100 and $200 million, so it does appear that this is more than just rumor. The talk now is that Google plan to launch Google Games in collaboration with Zynga later this year.

Zynga is particularly well known for social gaming and this would be a great way into the social networking market for Google, who plan to launch Google Me as their social networking platform. We also know that Google Chrome OS will arrive later this year and social gaming would sit well on the new operating system.

Zynga seems to be a company really on the up, with not only the interest from Google but also recent deals with Yahoo and Facebook and the company is now worth several billion dollars. For more on this go to Do you think the inroad into gaming is a good move from Google in its efforts to break into social networking? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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