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Is Twitter effectively the fastest growing search engine?

July 11, 2021 | Maddy Rowe


Is Twitter effectively the fastest growing search engine?

With so many followers including celebrities using Twitter, it is fast becoming one of the biggest online social media sites. According to Biz Stone Twitter’s co-founder, the site is now supporting 800 million search queries per day, compare this to one of its competitors Google, where they support 88 billion search queries per month, Twitter are certainly upping their game.

According to Emma Barnett at, Twitter is now becoming one of the fastest growing search engines, outdoing Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. A recent study by Nielsen showed that since last April, Twitter searches have increased by 33%, when looking at Bing, since their post launch, its growth had increased by over 22% in the U.S.

In recent months Twitter has formed search partnerships with Google, Microsoft and Bing to use all of Twitter‘s data and implement it into one overall package. It was decided that because Twitter’s own search engine was attracting users looking at real-time results on live events, its competitors wanted a piece of the action! In an interview with The Telegraph, Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams said “that the company was focused on improving its search engine, and that the developers were actively working to make it more intuitive”.

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  1. It'll be very interesting to see how Twitter's search related revenue generating activities (Promoted Tweets) work out for them. Search advertising has certainly worked out well for Google, and with the numbers growing so fast on Twitter, it could be looking good for them. Time will tell.

    Also, Biz Stone doesn't refer to Twitter as a site, he seems to prefer to call it an information network. He has a point, it's far more than a site, especially when so many people use the API to send and receive messages. A large percentage of people don't use the web interface.

  2. Lonny Dunn says:

    Having to teach busy professionals social media tips and skills, describing #Twitter as #Efficiency Tool has made it much easier. By allowing us to create the search engine in our own image, Twitter cannot be beat! We can keep up with our competitors, get rumors, ideas, virtually brainstorm, and any other number of uses for the busy professional. When ppl start examining it as search engine instead of "microblogging social site" they begin to percieve thousands of uses I cannot go into here.
    Thanks for the article, I appreciate you. I Tweet at ProNetworkBuild

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