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Twitter EarlyBird: Serious about making money


You may have heard of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets which seemed to be a rather cobbled together idea of ad-based Tweets on the top of related Twitter results pages. Promoted Tweets hasn’t really taken off in the way that Twitter would have liked and so now it has come up with EarlyBird.

EarlyBird is a promising ad network and seems as though it could make Twitter serious money. According to Lance Ulanoff over on PC Mag, it’s a Twitter account whereby partners will pay Twitter to be in the stream and the account will host special deals and offers. It’s unlike a traditional ad network as this works with a readymade viral core.

It could be extremely effective for example if an EarlyBird tweet is viewed by one million, then re-tweeted by only 1% it goes to another 10,000 Twitter users. So far Earlybird has only 13,000 followers but as with all things Twitter this will surely rise rapidly. Imagine the advertising potential available.

For more on this go to It does seem like an idea with enormous possibilities to us, with other ad network spinoffs viable but we’d like to know what you think, so why not let us know.

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