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Facebook Continues Growth: Key to success

Facebook Continues Growth: Key to success

Facebook is hugely successful, and it just keeps on growing. Reasons for its success can be attributed to Facebook’s ability to evolve and innovate in the Social Networking market. Games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars also add to its success.

The Economic Times is sourcing a story from the New York Times where a Google founder is saying that Google has had successes in social networking, especially in countries such as Brazil and India. However the story says that Facebook continues to grow in many territories and is taking over from its competitors such as Orkut (which is run by Google).

The reason why many people use Facebook is because it is slick, easy to use and because when people sign up all their friends are already there. I can log in during some free time, and see how all my friends, old and new, are doing. There is also the ability to share links with all your friends and show them a cool video or an interesting article you found on a website.

Google is working on a service they call Google Me, which is going to try to compete against Facebook in the Social Networking market. The problem for Google with Facebook being dominant is that Facebook is taking traffic away from Google, which in turn takes away advertising revenue. Facebook is becoming a huge threat for Google, and could pose problems for the search giant in the future.

Do you use Facebook? What are your favourite features with the service? Let us know via the comments.

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