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Buy Facebook Credits in Asia / Australia retail outlets

Buy Facebook Credits in Asia / Australia retail outlets

Many Facebook users play free-to-play online games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, and so to cash in on the successes of these online games and the selling of in game items for real money, Facebook introduced their own currency called Facebook Credits.

Free to play games have an interesting revenue model. The user is allowed access to your game for free, and then is given the option of buying extra content, bonus in-game items and perks for real money. A small percentage of the user base will actually spend money on in-game items, but it’s enough to produce a revenue stream for companies.

Jolie O’Dell over at Mashable is reporting that people in Australia and Asia are now able to purchase Facebook Credits from a company called MOL, using their MOLPoints system. This means that users who have MOLPoints can exchange their points for Facebook Credits.

She mentions that according to Facebook, many people decide that instead of using a credit card for their in game purchases, they’d rather pick up a game card in a store and enter the code from that card in-game to redeem their points or items. The idea behind the co-operation between Facebook and MOL is that it makes it simpler for users to purchase points and to become more invested in these online games.

Do you play free to play games on Facebook? Do you enjoy games such as Farmville or Mafia Wars? Do you purchase in game items using real money? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hell no! That's just sad, DLC for PS3/360 games of course but with those you don't just get a stupid little picture like with Mafia Wars. The only chance I'd ever buy Mafia Wars DLC is if Mafia Wars itself became a full fledged out title for the consoles,

    And if it allowed you to create an actually character to run around a city in similar to GTA.

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