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Social Media and Twitter: Universities Embrace

July 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Social Media and Twitter: Universities Embrace

With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter competing for the top spot, it comes as no surprise that any new ideas put forward could potentially benefit these sites and bring in more numbers of users. In today’s society, people are found texting on their mobile devices, using Twitter to tweet and updating statuses on Facebook.

According to CTI CareerSearch, the latest idea to inspire these sites is by way of college campuses using social media to recruit new students. Recently, a study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, shows that campuses consider this a productive way of communicating with prospective students. Despite this study, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that students would prefer to visit their preferred college and websites instead of using social media.

Taking on board all this information, a Director of Marketing at Bloomfield College holds a different opinion of this. Abe Gruber’s research shows that while 40% of admissions offices use Twitter, only 15% of the 200 prospective freshmen said that they would be interested to learn more about college campuses via Twitter. Electronic Communications Coordinator at St.Mary’s University has said that Twitter is a beneficial tool for posting various sources of information to students.

Do you feel Universities would benefit from using Twitter, is it a good way of communicating with potential students, and posting information to them? To read more about this check out CTI CareerSearch

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