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MobileMe Update: More iPad and Cloud-Friendly

MobileMe Update: More iPad and Cloud-Friendly

Cloud computing is a service that allows the user to save their data onto a server which is hosted somewhere far away over the internet. This allows the user to access their data from any location, anywhere where they have an internet connection. An example of this is the recently updated MobileMe service from Apple, which now comes with calendar support which allows users to access their calendar from anywhere over MobileMe.

Christina Warren over at Mashable has written a story about the new MobileMe service, and mentions that the app has been updated for the iPad, allowing for better use of the bigger screen. The app is now written using HTML 5, so you can now access your MobileMe data using their website via both Mac and Windows as well as through an iPad or iPhone.

Other updates include iDisk getting iPad support, and iOS4 features including quick app switching and multitasking. Having iDisk running natively on the iPad means that you can access your shared storage on the iPad without having to constantly sync your device.

Many improvements are needed for the application, including making it easier to add files that are already on the iPad to the shared storage. Have any of you used the new MobileMe app? Does the new layout allow for a better experience? Let us know of any other necessary improvements by posting in the comments below.

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