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LeBron James Twitter: 150,000 followers in six Hours

LeBron James Twitter: 150,000 followers in six Hours

July 7, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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The popularity and astounding growth of Twitter never ceases to amaze us and news comes to us today that a new account has outstripped the growth of all previous accounts. Apparently in just six hours this person’s account gained 150,000 followers. This is higher than the growth of even Bill Gates account.

So whose is it? LeBron James, the NBA superstar has apparently started his Twitter account and you can see it here, @KingJames. An article by Ben Parr over on Mashable gives this information and says that the Twitterverse is alive with tweets about the arrival of King James. In fact I’ve just checked the figures as I speak and it appears Le Bron James’ account now has 215,000 followers, simply staggering.

At present it seems all the talk is about the NBA free agency and where James might be heading for next season so it was an opportune moment to begin his account. Some have even wondered if he might announce the news on Twitter although that has been denied by his publicist. At this rate James could easily become the most-followed person on Twitter.

For more on this go to Can you think of anybody who’s not yet on Twitter whose popularity might gain as many, or more followers in such a short space of time? We’d be interested in who you think that could be so why not let us know.


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