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iPhone 4: 30 day full refund say Apple

July 5, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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iPhone 4: 30 day full refund say Apple

There have been reports that Apple is to offer a full 30-day refund on their iPhone 4 for those unhappy with the new smartphone. The reason why most will want to return them is due to the current reception issue, which Apple believes can be solved with an update to the iOS 4 software.

Normally when you return an item to Apple within 30 days, there is a 10 percent restocking fee but ZDNet reports that this has been waived. The restocking fee can in some cases be as much as $30, so this is seen as a good-will gesture on Apple’s part.

Do you think that Apple is doing enough?

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  1. Chris says:

    Yeap. Simple. You don't like? "OK. Fair enough. Here's your money. Now we'll have anough phones to launch earlier in Australia!" Sweet!

  2. afraidofheights says:

    Apple, Apple, Apple. What has happened to you? Just two weeks ago you were riding high on the iPad and the iPhone 4's pending launch. Then you let AT&T kill the unlimited data plan and gave us a phone that has lots of problems. You gave us a lame response from a petulant CEO and now you cannot even get the mea culpa right in iteration #3 or 4.

    Guess you could have done worse and held the line on restocking fees, but really you are falling off the cliff on this iPhone 4 launch.

    Read this awesome article that lays into Apple for its quasi apology. Very funny.

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