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Russia and Social Networking Growth

July 4, 2021 | Maddy Rowe


Russia and Social Networking Growth

With the increase in social networking all over the world, countries such as Russia, China, Japan and South Korea have all developed websites aimed at users of all different levels. Networking sites like Facebook are keen to increase user numbers in these 4 countries. At a recent Cannes Lions advertising festival, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, said that at present, there are only 1 million users in Russia using this site although numbers are steadily growing.

According to BBC News, Digital Sky Technologies (DST) have said that in Russia, there are approximately 40 million internet-users, and more than 60 million Russian-speaking users in the world, potentially seeing an audience of more than 300 million people. The DST, an investor of internet companies in Russia, is therefore keen to see growth in numbers. Social networking sites in Russia such as, have seen registered users in the number of 70 million, with at least 14 million visitors daily.

Zuckerberg is keen to be the number one social networking site in Russia, and to achieve this, he may have to change Facebook’s approach to fit in with user needs.

What are your thoughts on this? To read more about this check out BBC News

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  1. Katya Trubilova says:

    As a Russian speaker and a member of both networks, I think Facebook won't be able to conquer Russia. There is a significant reason for this, which I've described in my recent blog post. . Did you know that Digital Sky Technologies has shares in both companies?

  2. Takaq says:

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