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Print vs. Apple iPad and Kindle Books

July 3, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Apple and Amazon would have you believe that reading books in eBook form is considered the future, but would you still go along with that thought if you knew that reading an electronic book on the iPad or Kindle takes much longer than print form.

According to Lauren Indvik form Mashable, a study has been undertaken showing that it take 6.2 percent longer on the iPad and 10.7 percent longer on the Amazon Kindle to read a than it does in print form.

I have read books on the iPad and I do agree that you take longer to read a book on it – maybe it has something with the constant worry that you could drop your tablet device at any time, it’s weight is its biggest flaw of a standard printed book.

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  1. Chris says:

    I find that with my Kindle, I read a lot MORE. I’m spending more time reading (more chapters, more books). The speed of reading a book has increased since using my Kindle. More for the fact that I’ll pick it up and read a little bit here, and there. Once I finish a book, I’ll start another one right away. With paper books, it would take me a lot longer time to actually finish one book.

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