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Ninja Video and movie pirate site closed

July 2, 2021 | Peter Chubb


We recently learned that movie pirate site Ninja Video had been closed down by U.S. authorities, this was just one of the nine that was closed as they were offering downloads of movies, which as we know is illegal and infringes on copyright laws. This has not gone down well with regular users of the nine sites, but is considered a step forward by movie studios.

As well as closing down these nine websites offering pirate movies the authorities also sized control of their PayPal and bank accounts. Some of the top movies being downloaded at the moment are; Toy Story 3, The Karate Kid and Sex and the City 2.

For more details on this read Jamie Pert’s article on Product News

Do you agree that U.S. authorities need to get tougher with these online movie websites?


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  1. Realfree says:

    Well Really Geverment you don't know how to handle people.
    I'm not sad but Dam this is anoying!!
    Listen It's all the same example Drugs If They say no You want it even more (no i don't take drugs so i'll give another example): When There are 5 People And they Say you can Laugh and make Jokes with These 4 But not with This one… What Would you Do ? Of Course go for that one guy People like to do things they can't do this will only make things Wors but do what you want

  2. Revolutionary says:

    I don't see the harm in watching T.V. shows and documentaries. most (if not all) of us viewers of ninja video, pay our T.V. licenses. It was awsome being able to watch what you want, when you want. Just like someone else here said - with the busy lifestyles of working and studying, who can afford to sit around, sifting through all the crap they shove at us, just to watch the one or two shows they like. Thank you Ninja Video for providing pure entertainment for the masses. Fuck the corruption in hollywood and the movie industry. And fuck paying to watch the same old story lines presented in pretty packages. Should we, each as individuals, not get the choice of what we find to be entertaining? Or do we have to suffer being mislead and taken advantage of till the end of days? We are bombarded constantly and relentlessly with brainwashing techniques in the form of adverts . The whole industry is just about tricking the little people into wasting their hard earned money. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The whole thing sucks. Will we all just end up as slaves to money? It's time for change…

  3. Heavy says:

    This is some bullcrap! If the entertainment industry really wants to shut down lost dollars they ought to equip all theaters with infrared cams and catch all the copiers. Ninjavideo was/is a very professional site that posted shows and media. Why should they be harassed and shut down for linking current media for their patrons. I am praying for Ninjavideo friends and family, stay strong.

  4. 4fortheroad says:

    It is deplorable that Ninjavideo has been shut down. We used it to keep up with the TV shows we cannot get living in a foreign country….There are other websites but their picture quality is not as good as Ninja's and they did not have the large library of shows. What we loved is that they kept it well updated. We will sorely miss Glee, Fringe, CSI's, Mentalist, Burn Notice, Psych, Dirtiest Jobs, travel shows, etc… So sad that it has come to this…. :( ( We hope to find another site like Ninja, better still we hope Ninja opens up again!!!!

  5. This is SoberJoe a CURRENT mod at ninja and am now helping run the blog and twitter for Save Ninja Video. For more info check out the blog ( and twitter ( All current news is on the blog…. but in case you were wondering the forum IS coming back up. We are not just a site we are a community.

  6. Rosa from Denmark says:


    what about people in Denmark. Now i have to wait a year or two before the Danish tv will send my shows…they are so slow, that's the reason that im ninjavideo fan,… i can see all the geart show before they come on tv here…..
    miss bones, desperat, glee, life, all of them…and can't go to sleep…

    sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

  7. DeD says: been using it for a long time and it's fine.

  8. Douchebag says:

    Ninja video offered the greatest selection and quality of shows that our cable tv couldn't nor their wedsites. I mostly used Ninja video to watch educational tv shows from past years that I never got a chance to see and see some old tv cartoon shows that I loved. Is it a crime, to close a website offering online users the ability to watch their favourite shows whenever they want, while the cable channels do not offer the same service, on their websites? Like most, people do have a life and will go to the movies to watch a movie and even buy the dvd if they really enjoyed it. Governments are retarded and runned by criminals and lying crooks who are over paid to sit on their asses and charge the tax payer for the cup of coffee they had in the morning. If you want to close sites like these, you might as well close down facebook, twitter and cell phone usage since they have deviated human beings from their proper and natural social behaviour.

  9. Michael says:

    I disagree because with the high prices of going to the movie, and the equally high prices of renting a video, I feel that these sites are great. Boo hoo that the directors and actors don't get any more money, that their millions on the movie, and make more from rentals too. Keep these sites open and I for one will continue to go to them!

  10. USLAWSUCKS says:

    What wankers, they are porn websites which are illegal and terrorist recruiting sites but they close down ninjavideo..where i watch mostly TV shows WHICH AREN'T EVEN FUCKING AIRED IN THE UK….this is pathetic.

  11. Dickend says:

    Ninja Video Has Gone!1!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!11111!11 <- I think that's how they liked to do it, Frigin idiots..

    Where a Few !! would be just fine..

    How glade I'm I that this nasty little up its own Arse site has final be taken off the net..The site offered Programs Be it TV shows, Movies ect, Most they programs where made with other peoples Money and to reclaim that money so they could make more shows they tend to charge for them, as most services do..

    Give these servers away free, IMO would eventually see such things ether declining in quality and frequency

    so back to NinjaVideo.. If you going to Offer Such Server, which is piracy..Doesn't matter how you hide it,its Illegal.. But Ninja Didn't do such a thing , they shouted about it as loud as they could, They acted like they made the show All the material on their site was Written, Financed and directed by their lame Arsed nasty, Cruel, should burn in fire Admin…

    Nothing worked and if you ever said anything in the forum they would Ban you..whilst sucking all the shit out of the Fat cunt Phara's Arse, Phara please urban dictionary dictionary her, also check ninjavideo Suck to see some picture of this Ugly nasty creature… No wonder she hid behind a computer screen looking like that…

    Goodbye ninja video and HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck you..Hope you all get locked up..

    • Turbo says:

      Ninja never charged, I'm pretty sure they accepted donations. nobody cares about your forum problems, 8 times out of 10 if the movie didn't work it was the users end

  12. Dickend says:

    Ninja Video Has Gone!1!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!11111!11 <- I think that's how they liked to do it, Frigin idiots..

  13. sandy says:

    This is just pure stupidity. Do they really think closing Ninjavids wil increase ticket sales? People go to the movies b/c they want to see the film with the whole theater experience: huge and with kick-ass stereo. Or they do it as a social thing…with a date or friends. The ones that sit at home and view on their computer screens are folks that are not going to watch on the big screen. I am one of those people. I'd occasionally watch online and then purchase the film when it released on dvd, if it was any good. Mainly I used ninjavideo to catch up on missed episodes as the host network website usually was filled with tons of commercials and a annoying-to-navigate format that made you search through tons of studio-based propaganda to watch what you wanted. Most just air the last couple of eps as well. Hate to break it to TPTB that spent millions on this sting, but I'm not changing my habits and shelling out any more for those overpriced tickets than when I wasn't occasionally popping by pirate hosting sites.

  14. dennis says:

    aslong as the actors and singers are gettin payed way way to much for what they do,thats all i say

  15. vampspawn666 says:

    i think its unfare that ninjavideo has been closed i mean i used it to watch programs that aren't shown anymore or at all in the UK. I don't think its harmful because by watching it online you tell others to watch it and probably end up buying the tv series. this is pathetic, closing down the sites people use to watch programs will do nothing but make the public mad. i mean come on if you wan't to stop people watching online don't cancel the shows or run them on tv and the problem will be solved.

  16. dan says:

    ninja video was brill i was able to catch on lots of episodes that i never got to finish and i also saw shows that wernt shown here NInjavideo was brill, they were a steal they were site of the fing century lol

  17. royalass says:

    Against stupidity even the gods fight in vain!

    I'm from denmark and I just want to say tnx to the ppl behind ninjavideo, you guys did a great job!!
    I and many other ppl here would also donate if you start again.

    NINJAVIDEO, WE ALL HOPE YOU'll RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cryin' till I Die says:

    Well I didn't watch any movies on NinjaVideo, I was watching TV Shows which aren't shown here in Europe where I live, I dunno what am I going to do now with such a great website taken down…

  19. moroco says:

    ah M G this sow stupid ninjavideo was great this sucks

  20. Lloyd says:

    It's all wrong, it should only be illegal if the movie sites are making money of it, which ninja video wasn't.

  21. NotHappyUK says:

    So sad that NijaVid is gone, will very much miss getting shows, docus, music etc on demand that you cant get here in the UK. Was not so bothered about the movies as mostly they were bad quality but at least you could watch them to see if you were prepared to pay the extortionate amount that cinemas charge. I would prefer to watch movies in the cinema but the industry prices themselves out. If films were not so expensive to go and see I would go more well, that is I would go - I cant afford to at the moment.

    But NinjaVid was not just about movies, in fact that was just a small part of their excellent site. The Film/tv industry has got it arse backwards and is too interested in profits for fatcats. I cant see how sites like that made much of a dent in profits, I cant afford to go to the movies or pay for sky etc anyway, Ninja did not take business, they create it ; If there were more sites like Ninja they would find a wider audience for their movies and shows, I came across quite a few amazing shows I would not have seen without Ninja and of course talk to friends about them, this creates demand. And what about the the small/independent film makers that got their first movies aired on Ninja and sites like this, what about the artists that put their work on the site, Ninja was about much more than crappy camcorder movies.

    Taking down these sites makes me want to boycott cinemas/sky etc not pay for their services. Shame on the industry for denying that part of the world who cant afford to access these shows/films any other way. And to Phara et al, thank you sooooo much for running the best site on the web. All good things must come to an end but I'm sure you wont let the fatcat w*nkers keep you down! All the best to you all and if you set up a new site you can count on a donation from me..

  22. Dellreid says:

    Really upset that is has been closed down. I never downloaded any movies anyway. I just watched tv shows ive missed or caught up on my favourite shows like CSI NY or CSI Miami.
    It was a good resource for streamed content and I can see the problem in streaming content that has always been aired. Something will always turn up in it's place anyway.

  23. ninja says:

    please everyone go to it's a sister site for ninjavideos run by ex ninjas please enjoy while it last

  24. track02 says:

    They deserved it, the way the admins of that site treated users was truly disgusting.

  25. jubri says:

    1. ninjavideo has no sister sites, any other site that says that is a rip off
    2. everyone who misses ninja stop by the 'new' forum :)
    3. if you want to show your support please consider donating a $ or two to help the admins in their legal fight

  26. LN from Paris says:

    I was a french user, it's a terrible new for me…. I hope their troubles with US justice won't be too serious…
    Tanks for all the good moments you gave me; instead of the french TV that sucks…

    Good luck for the ninjas…

  27. Noël Southall says:

    NinjaVideo was a great website. I live abroad so all legal players are unavailable to me. It was my only way of watching a few shows in English and in DIVX quality. From my point of view, nobody is losing out. The shows get their ratings from the country they are being watched in and I would never have bought them on DVD/BluRay. All the legal websites need to offer their services abroad.

    It is interesting how such as in the UK we have BBC iPlayer which is free to anyone in the UK regardless of whether they have paid for a TV license or not.

    Yes Ninja and all the other websites were illegal but they filled a gap in the market. If the TV companies don't like it, they should do something so that we don't need to go to sites like NInja etc to watch shows.

    Now, of course that little bit of comfort that helped me live away from home has been taken away. So what am I doing, I am looking for more sites that haven't been shut down yet.

    They have won the battle but not the war. It is human nature to climb over the walls that they build in front of us. Just like nature finds a way (Jurassic Park), people find a way.

    Ninja and the like did for very little revenue what the big companies can't do for any amount of cash. They kept it simple and they did it for the love of it. But what do the companies do? They react negatively rather than positively. They bring in the lawyers who these days will sink as low into the crap as possible to get work (and rather healthy earnings I might add). They set the dogs onto them.

    It will happen again and again. I'm off to look for some TV programmes to watch! Anyone know any good sites!!!!!

  28. Bob Hedayati says:

    A ot of people are saying they watch only the TV shows , and so did I…. but that’s not the f****** argument here. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOP FLOW OF INFORMATION. they cant possibly own what we watch and when we watch it , people need to rise the fuck up and fight these retarded copy rights.

  29. Airun says:

    I agree with most of people that support streaming sites like Ninjavideo was, giving everyone the possibility to choose whatever they wanted to watch indeed, without any limitation of the area where they're living or time. TV shows that have been aired before or not available in ones own country, should be available online, and people should have the possibility to choose to watch a movie in a poor quality for free or to pay to watch a good quality release.
    In my opinion it doesn't make much sense trying to stop the flowing of free media available all around the world, which is basically the heart of advertising.
    Of course many people couldn't even afford to spend lots of money to watch certain shows, for those people sites like Ninjavideo are very helpful.
    Then most likely, if somebody sees a video online and likes it, eventually these people are going to be willing to own an original copy with good quality sooner or later. That's what I actually do.
    And I continue to go to theater whenever a movie attracts me anyway.
    Ninjavideo gave people like me the possibility to have plenty of shows to choose from, even if they were aired long before. Also to get to know shows that couldn't ever been found otherwise in a regular broadcast.
    It's a cultural phenomenon I think, not just simple piracy. Regulations are necessary of course, but people in charge should rethink all the limitations that there are at the moment.

  30. Adrian says:

    This really sucks.. i always use Ninjavideo and love to read the forums and the comments. And i watched the entire seasons of LOSt from 1 to 6 because of Ninjavideo..pls comeback the gang of Phara and the rest..i missed u all Ninjavideo creators…your the best!

  31. zach says:

    so who has a link to a new site like ninjavideo???

  32. IsThatYouDorothy says:

    Unbelievable! No sooner had I found a page that was not only cool beyond any dumb-arse Hollywood monkey's imagination, but also provided us (we are many:) with stuff which we would never have been able to see otherwise (country thing: they don't show Weeds in places like Poland or 30Rock in places like Germany)… Phara and Co. - do come back and do it pronto! I'll pay, we will all pay. Just return and keep doing things the way you did. Very few people in this business know their stuff - you so do!

  33. Nuller says:

    A good replacement is


  34. Ams says:

    Hey guys, I was abroad when Ninja got shut down…and I am very sad to hear about this as well. I don't always use ninja, but they certain have some of the best quality stuff of my favourite shows! As a child, I believed in the glorification and export of American Culture and American heroism. As I grew up and started studying social issues and become aware of the world issues, I realized that the biggest bully and terrorist in the world is the US Government. They bully everyone and every country in in the world and support those whose philosophy aligns with their own. They feign heroism and liberation and justice only when it serves them privately in huge dollar bills or power acquisition. They even go as far as to limit freedom of information and unbiased media to their own people so the American citizens are always in the dark or brainwashed to think that their government has their best interest at heart. So this is just one small thing that's being added to the list.

    I was reading the ninjavideo blog and the compelling story of how the Mods' freedoms are actually in jeopardy and their homes were "kicked-in" by homeland security…it made me feel even worse. On the site, they have started asking for donations to help them fight this legal battle that will probably need a 7 digit number for them to even stand a chance. I don't want a legal precedence to be made over the gray area of the law so I like many will be donating as much as I can afford to as a student. Many of you seemed to have used ninja, and I don't know if you've read their blogs yet…but if you haven't, please take a look at this post.
    I hope you can contribute to fight for access and free information. At the very least, save the people who has dedicated themselves before bringing you hours of pleasure in the form of Ninja Video.
    Cross your fingers!

  35. PubdoG says:

    I agree with what most of the people have said here. I used Ninja Video for the same reasons as most - to watch programmes that are not currently/ planned to be aired in the UK. As previously mentioned streaming sites such as NV were my only access to programmes that were never planned to be aired in the UK as on websites such as HBO or ABC I am always told "not available in your region".
    As for films being streamed online, if I watch a film online that I enjoy I will then go and see it again in the cinema or go and buy it. I use internet movie sites as a vetting screen. If I like it I will pay for it if I dont I am pleased that I did not waste my hard earned money on crap. As someone wisely stated above me - internet movie sites are creating a generation that will not stand for poorly made and poorly produced drivel.

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