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Facebook and Twitter redefine public relations

June 30, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Facebook and Twitter redefine public relations

Facebook and Twitter are 2 of the biggest online social networking sites available to users, and they have opened up and explored new avenues in the world of public relations. Social networking sites are a tool to give people the opportunity to contact one another, in turn they offer positive and negative results.

Whilst some people feel that some PR techniques do not work nowadays, since the arrival of Twitter, it appears that there have been some numbers of PR success stories down to Web 2.0. According to Douglas Idugboe at smedio, networking sites such as Twitter, are an ideal source for sending messages to a much wider audience than other PR methods. If a press release is highlighted, then the option of tweeting is available.

Twitter is not just responsible for this, but by having a service online which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, companies can benefit from using their marketing methods, therefore, getting good publicity. It can also act as a way of monitoring a brand’s reputation. People can research and find out others opinions by going onto Twitter.

Are you a user of Facebook and/or Twitter. What are your thoughts about the features they offer? To read more about this check out smedio

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  1. treza says:

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