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Download PS3 Update 3.40

June 30, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Download PS3 Update 3.40

PS3 3.40 update has now been released, and for those of you who have been waiting, will be pleased to know that in addition to this, the Playstation Plus is now available in store. Users can look forward to new features available with this update.

According to Eric Lempel at PLAYSTATION.BLOG, the PS3 system software update (v3.40), includes the Playstation Plus subscription, connection between the Playstation Network and updated Facebook accounts. Followers of the PSP will be pleased to learn that the portable device looks to be updated around the same time.

New features to look forward to with the PS3 (v3.40) update include: users will have the opportunity to purchase membership to Playstation Plus, this will give the opportunity to explore new features and content and give a different approach to your gaming experience. Users will now be able to upload, browse and leave comments on the photo gallery, this gives access to Facebook and Picasa Web Album. Along with this, a video editor and uploader will be a new feature which will enable video files to be uploaded, edited and saved from sites such as Facebook or YouTube. Fans of the PS3 will be pleased to also know, that additional power saving options will be improved, therefore giving the user more gaming time.

What are your thoughts on the PS3 3.40 update? To read more about this check out PLAYSTATION.BLOG

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  1. profreddy says:

    I will not be buying playstation plus until they have private in game chat,like the xbox this is the only thing missing that i'm interested in,until then no money from me sorry ps3 get it together.

  2. shehe says:

    What is Sony exactly trying to do? I feel this will deviate the Sony customers to other directions……

  3. Sean Rich says:

    they should bring out a update that alwoys you too delete trophy pack incased your friend brings rounnd a game that has trpohys in it but you only play the game once

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