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AppleCare on iPhone 4 Problems

[ 0 ] June 30, 2021 | Debbie Turner

AppleCare on iPhone 4 Problems

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Many of you will have heard by now of all the problems regarding the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4. This was released in a blaze of glory but antenna problems have caused a lack of reception, or dropped calls. Apple has recognized the problem but outraged many people by simply saying they should hold the phone differently, or buy a bumper case to solve the problem at an additional cost of $29.

Yesterday we told how Gizmodo and Facebook are running a petition to try to convince Apple to give away the bumper cases for free as this is clearly a design fault (see here). Now we hear that AppleCare representatives have been given a company line to tell people unhappy about the reception problems. An article on Mashable by Jolie O’Dell, sourced from Boy Genius Report, says that reps have been given a 5-point plan and for example are told to respond that the antenna flaws are, “a fact of life in the wireless world.”

It all of course fits in with the line that Steve Jobs has, as he told a user, “There is no reception issue”. The current stance seems to be that Apple will continue to deny there is a problem at all, however as Mashable say, if there is no problem then why has a directive on how to handle complaints been issued at all. The last instruction on the document is also that AppleCare reps are not to appease customers by handing out free bumpers.

For more on this and a look at the full document go to It does seem surprising that Apple is continuing to take such a hard line position on this. After all many loyal Apple customers paid a lot of money for a device which is definitely flawed. What are your thoughts on the way Apple is handling this issue? We’d be interested to hear your comments.

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