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iPhone 4 Review: 10 Things

June 29, 2021 | Tina Chubb
iPhone 4 Review: 10 Things

It’s been six days now, since Apple released its new iPhone 4 into the mobile world. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve would’ve spent the last six days playing around with your new handset, to see exactly what it’s like. For me personally, it’s absolutely awesome!!

However, with all the issues that began surfacing shortly after its release, there have been a few mixed reviews about the new Apple device. We found a review over by Dan Frommer over at, which lists the ten things to love and hate about the new iPhone 4.

One of the first good things that were mentioned about the new phone is how fast it is. While it may not be a huge upgrade over the iPhone 3GS in this respect, it makes the 3G feel like a kid’s tricycle up against a Ducati. Another great thing is the camera.

The iPhone 4 takes beautiful pictures and video, so there’s really no need to bring your digital camera or camcorder along with you anymore. And the FaceTime video chat is said to be pretty cool as well, although I have to admit I haven’t used mine yet.

Other great features include the super-hi-res “retina display,” which is ideal for playing games, and the extra battery life. However, it does have its downside. One of these examples is the fact that you’re chained to iTunes and a USB cable to sync your phone.

You can read more of this review via the link above. What do you think of the new iPhone 4?

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