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iPhone 4 Design Problems: Facebook Petition

June 29, 2021 | Debbie Turner
iPhone 4 Design Problems: Facebook Petition

The saga of the iPhone 4’s reception problems continues and more and more people are joining in the protest against Apple’s stance in the situation. For those of you new to the story, the latest Apple iPhone was released last week but there have been problems with the antenna causing bad reception and lack of signal.

Apple has acknowledged that the problem exists when the phone is held in a certain way and their solution…either hold the phone differently, or purchase an Apple..surprise surprise…bumper case at an extra cost of $29 to solve the dilemma. Many customers, long-devoted Apple fans, have been outraged at the way Apple is dealing with this situation.

An interesting article over on Gizmodo tells us that internal issues at Apple have led to inflexible mandates surrounding designs of new products, with designers insisting on a particular look, even though engineers have difficulty implementing some of the designs while keeping on top of functionality.

The question is that when this is clearly a design fault by Apple, then why should consumers have to pay extra to purchase a case to fix the issue? It goes against the grain to be told to hold the phone in a different way, that’s not what people purchase a top-of-the-range device for. Gizmodo suggest therefore that Apple should give away the bumper cases for free, which seems only fair, given the scale of the problem, and the expense that people have already laid out.

Gizmodo has now started a petition asking people to sign if they think Apple should hand out free bumpers. You can also access the petition through Facebook. People power can be an incredible thing and it would be interesting to see how Apple will react to this petition. For more on this go to What do you think of Apple’s response to the problem and what do you think about the petition? We’d be interested to hear your views about this.

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  1. Mr.R says:

    It just amazing to see what Apple Fan boys had to say on all the forums related to this matter. Apple is amazing to build this brand followers, but for those of who think " Apple do no wrong" should realize that if Apple keep doing this, soon or later The Apple brand will go down. Apple fun boys should be happy to get all this complains that make the brand stronger at the end.

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