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World Cup 2010: Live tweets at 3.2K per second

June 28, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Twitter being one of the biggest online social networking sites, have seen an immense increase in the number of Tweets that were exchanged back and forth between users, following on from the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics in the seventh game of the NBA finals.

According to David Murphy at PCMAG.COM the Los Angeles Lakers win, brought in 3,085 Tweets per second, a record, that later was to be broken. On average 65 million Tweets are sent on any given day, and Tweets per second, average out to around 750. During the World Cup match between Japan and Denmark last Thursday, saw the Tweets per second record broken. Figures showed 3,283 Tweets sent by the time the match had reached 3-1 victory to Japan.

With the increase in traffic due to the World Cup, Twitter have updated their background operations to deal with the data following on from world cup followers.

Are you a follower of the World Cup 2010, and if so, have you been tweeting on the matches so far?

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