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iPhone 4 Signal Fix with Scotch Tape: Video

June 28, 2021 | Matt Tran

A cunning solution has been devised to help fix the iPhone 4′s poor signal glitch. Youtube user “chedacheese” uploaded a video of his new device with scotch tape stuck on each of the bottom sides, which gives a consistent steady signal. Check out the link to for an interesting article on the matter by Jeff Bertolucci, and to watch the Youtube video of the smartphone.

This cheap remedy to Apple’s embarrassing problem has come as a strike of luck to iPhone owners. Due to the new exposed antenna design which is prone to human contact, people are experiencing problems such as poor signal and dropped calls. Apple have acknowledged the problem and are offering their own solution to the design flaw, which is a rubber-and-plastic bumper that shields the device from human contact. However it is being sold for $29, so many will opt for the cheaper scotch tape option.

The only downside to the cheaper option is that it makes the iPhone’s beautiful design look very tacky. For all of the people on a tight budget who feel they want to try the tape trick, its appears the key is to cover the black strip on each side of the iPhone.

What do you think about the poor flaw in Apple’s new product, and the clever cheap solution? Let us know.

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  • guest

    Two words: EPIC FAIL !