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iPhone 4 Recall Rumor Spread Via Twitter

June 28, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
iPhone 4 Recall Rumor Spread Via Twitter

Since the release of the new Apple iPhone 4 last week, rumours have been circulating via the online social networking site Twitter, that the iPhone 4 may have to be recalled due to technical problems. Problems such as the device’s antenna losing reception, and that the phone may be unsuitable for left-handed people, are some of the issues that will have to be looked into.

According to Desire Athow at IT ProPortal, the British newspaper, the Daily Mail,
has fallen victim to a fake Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who apparently was seen to be tweeting on his account, that Apple may have to recall their iPhone 4. Very unlikely, as the real Steve Jobs does not have a Twitter or Facebook account.

It appears that the Daily Mail have taken this page down, but unfortunately, within the same publishing company, the article is still showing as live on “ thisismoney.”

Understandably, shareholders behind Apple are feeling anxious. Friday of last week, showed that shares had dropped by 0.86% to $266.70, whilst within the field of US technology and the NASDAQ were ultimately doing better.

What are your thoughts on this, have you experienced problems with your new
iPhone 4?

To read more about this check out IT ProPortal

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