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England vs Germany: Live streaming and predictions on Twitter

June 27, 2021 | Daniel Chubb


England vs Germany: Live streaming and predictions on Twitter

The FIFA World Cup game today - England vs. Germany – is one that brings together two teams filled with rivalry, which started after the 1966 FIFA World Cup. This game will attract more attention from the media, than most games.

You can read a detailed article on the England and Germany football rivalry here, and those of you looking for live streaming of this game can see a good stream via the official BBC site. The coverage kicks-off at 2pm, and its time we see some good World Cup football from both teams.

England say they are “confident” and viewers are hitting the social web with their England vs. Germany predictions, the World Cup home on Twitter has a live stream of tweets. Here you can see loads of predictions, and join in the debate / celebrations.

United States readers will need to visit ESPN to see a live stream; the BBC site only shows their Match of the Day Live feed to UK visitors.

What are your predictions? Will England finally give a different result when playing Germany? Watch the live stream, join the Twitter live debate, or leave a comment below.

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