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iPhone 5G: Wish List After iPhone 4 Release

June 26, 2021 | Tina Chubb
iPhone 5G: Wish List After iPhone 4 Release

When thousands of Apple customers received their new iPhone 4s on Thursday, it was meant to be a happy day for them. However, many were left feeling rather disappointed, when they started having problems with their new handsets, including reception problems.

According to Peter Chubb over at, after picking up their new iPhone 4 handsets, customers began having problems with the phone losing its signal. This problem turned out to be caused simply by the way people were holding it at the time.

Another problem that appeared to arise when people received their new phone was slight discoloration on the Retina Display screen. However, another article by Alan Ng says that not every iPhone 4 appears to be affected by this problem.

So what was actually meant to be a great launch day for the Apple iPhone 4, turned out to be full of disappointment and problems. What would your wish list be for the 5th generation iPhone that has been slated for 2011? The antenna in a different place could be a start!!

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  1. Boston Mike says:

    iPhone 5 must have.

    1. Two 10mp camera.

    2. Allows Flash.

    3. Faster processor.

    4. The back and sides made of ballistic grade material.

    5. Better wireless card.

    But most of all I wish apple owned their own cell phone company!

    • Theserver says:

      Flash doesn’t work on touch based devices well it needs a cursor that big of a camera isn’t need mega pixels are not what matter you need bigger señora… Learn facts before posting stuff

  2. ademic says:

    1. allow us to use our own mp3 as ringtones we dont have to buy songs from itunes

  3. 1. Anonymous Caller Reject on incoming calls. No caller id, no ring, or special ringtone.
    2. Place to add a tether or lanyard.
    3. Waterproof. Almost there, and no battery door, so why not?
    4. Find Lost iPhone should not require MobileME.
    5. Mechanical Zoom on photos. No lost resolution when wide, narrow, macro etc.
    6. Using the iPhone as a mouse (not a touchpad) on *any* computer.

  4. Rikimaru says:

    New iPhone 5

    I will replace my iPhone 3G with it.

    1. Lightning performance - A4 with 1 GHz to render flash with no lag

    2. Stunning display - Retina display + AMOLED > will improve battery life and more room for battery

    3. Hi-res camera with video - Xenon flash and integrated social network to upload photo & movie

    4. All-day battery - add 1 hr for 3G, 2 hr for wifi and use the micro USB for charging & syncing > more space at the bottom so put extra/louder speaker

    5. Huge space for Multi-tasking + wider range of multi-task service ex. Continue load video in Youtube, record screen (screen capture in video) and integrated dictionary (select word and dict menu pop up like cut & copy)

    6. Huge storage 32 GB standard - option to compress movie to smaller size (like 128 kbps for music and the automatic resizing of photo) in order to put more movie in iPhone 

    7. High quality build - Eliminate the anntenna issue without downgrade to plastic - prepare to sell - don’t postpone (like the white version)    

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