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iPhone 4 reception problems in 2010: Apple’s statement

June 25, 2021 | Peter Chubb
iPhone 4 reception problems in 2010: Apple’s statement

The launch if the iPhone 4 yesterday hit a little bit of a snag, it seems as though there is an issue with its signal. Disgruntled Apple customers were reporting problems with its reception, at first Apple stayed quiet on the matter – now they have issued a statement regarding the 2010 version of their smartphone.

In reply to an email sent to Steve Jobs, he said that we should not hold it with our hands in the left lower corner. He said that you need to avoid holding it where your hands will cover the black strips on the metal antenna band along the outside edge.

Jobs even tried to do a bit of selling as well, by saying that this will not happen if you use a case – he must mean those Bumper cases that they have started selling for the first time. I am certain that this was not Apple’s plan all along – but it makes you wonder.

Jonny Evans from Computerworld points out that customers are not happy that the $29 cost for these Bumpers will become part of the price of the iPhone 4, as it is needed to make certain that you get the best signal possible.

It was first assumed that this was an isolated case – 24-hours on and this problem has now become much bigger. I even tested it and my signal drops faster than a football player being hit in the chest holding his face. Sorry, just had to bring a bit of World Cup in there.

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