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iPhone 4 FaceTime: Video Calls Reviewed

June 25, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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iPhone 4 FaceTime: Video Calls Reviewed

Now with the iPhone 4 finally released, users may now choose to use FaceTime, a feature that Apple have announced. The advantage to using FaceTime, is that for now, it will give users the option to contact other iPhone 4 users all over the world, by using the free video to video calls.

According to Christina Warren at Mashable, video calling is not new technology, and it is still very early to tell whether FaceTime will appeal to all users. Along with lots of great features to look forward to with the iPhone 4, users will no doubt find the video calling a quick and simple way to communicate.

For some time now, people wanting to communicate using video chat, have been able to do so with web cams such as Skype, iChat or Windows Messenger. Unlike these, users will be able to access video chat using their handset, a revelation to some. With all technology, there can be disadvantages. For video chat to work, users will have to have matching or compatible handsets, the video stream has to be active, and microphones have to be shielded, so users will not experience an echo and interference.

What do you think about FaceTime. Is this a feature that you will be using?

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